NewImage13When Apple announced the iPhone, the Cupertino company also released a handful of apps that was designed for the iPhone. However as time passed and with more developers creating more unique solutions, Apple’s own apps started to fall by the wayside, and one of them was the Remote app which basically allows iOS users to control devices like the Apple TV, and Mac/PC iTunes installations from iOS devices. The app, while still working without any issues, definitely could use a redesign and thanks to teases spotted on Apple’s Colombian iTunes App Store, it looks like an update could finally be headed our way.

According to reports, the Colombian iTunes App Store has been regularly displaying the ad above, which basically highlights how the Remote app has been redesigned for iOS 7. Apple has redesigned several of their apps for iOS 7, such as the iWork and iLife suite of apps, so it would be nice if Apple gets around to some of their older, but not forgotten apps in the process, such as iBooks, iTunes U, and Find My Friends. There’s no telling when Apple will release the updated Remote, but based on the promotion, we can only assume it will be soon.

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