Bing now offers users a whole new way to explore, discover and browse music videos on the search engine. It has been built from the ground up to make it easier for users to access music videos, Bing says that this new experience was designed with music lovers in mind and that it has them covered if they want to search for music videos from artists they’re already familiar with or if they’re looking to discover the up and coming artists.

So when the user searches for a music video from any artist, Bing will display the most popular video in the top left of the screen and the most relevant and popular music video for an artist, album or song will be displayed in the upper right. Bing will pull in videos from YouTube, MTV, Artist Direct, Vimeo and more. Users won’t have to click through to a site to see if its the video they want to see, they can see a preview by simply hovering the cursor over the thumbnail. Moreover, Bing will also display all of the tracks in an album if the user clicks on the album title in the right hand menu. With half a million albums and over 1.7 million songs from over 70,000 artists, the Bing team believes that this new feature will be “music to your ears.”

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