One of the key features of the recently announced BlackBerry Z30 would be its Natural Sound technology, which according to BlackBerry is supposed to improve the quality not just from the phone’s speakers itself, but also when used together with a pair of headphones. This sounds great in theory and since we have yet to check it out ourselves, we only have BlackBerry’s word on it, or do we?

It seems that BlackBerry UK uploaded an audio clip onto YouTube back in October where they demonstrate the difference between a regular phone’s speakers versus the Z30’s speakers with Natural Sound, and the difference is night and day, and we’re not talking about audiophile differences, but actual, perceivable, differences that can be picked up right away.

Along with the audio clip, BlackBerry has also included a visualizer where we can see how with regular phone speakers and earphones (default earphones, not that high-grade stuff), the sound usually tends to lean more towards the bass and sounds muffled, while with BlackBerry’s Natural Sound technology, the entire spectrum is used and we start to hear more highs and clearer audio. Granted this definitely does not come close to audiophile territory but as far as default speakers are concerned, they are impressive.

We reckon they might sound a tad different in real life, especially in a noisy environment, but as it stands they are impressive. You can check it out in the audio clip above. What do you guys think? Impressed yet?

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