Call Of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Requires Day One Patch For 1080p Visuals

The PlayStation 4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts is the only version running on a next-generation console that runs in native 1080p, although it apparently suffers from frame rate issues throughout much of the game’s experience. Apparently, it seems the only way to experience a full 1080p Call of Duty: Ghosts experience is through a day-one patch as the game will run at 720p out of the box without the update.

The reason why Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 720p is due to what an Activision representative calls a “configuration error” in the retail disc version. “This has been addressed with a day-one software update,” continues the Activision rep. “People will be able to download the day-one update when PlayStation 4 launches in their territory and play at native 1080p.”

Infinity Ward announced last month the PlayStation 4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts was expected to run at 1080p, while the Xbox One version will run at 720p. The “configuration error” seems like a pretty strange reason for the PlayStation 4 version to launch as a 720p game, to then be patched to have it running at 1080p. Either way, if you have a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts for the PlayStation 4, we hope the update process isn’t too tedious so you can enjoy the game at 1080p, the way Infinity Ward intended.

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