3020860-inline-750-car-mode-2cAll smartphones these days comes with an Airplane Mode, which basically disables the phone’s radios and in some cases turns WiFi off. This is great when you’re travelling on the plane and want to use your phone, or in situations where you want to conserve your phone’s battery, but what about a Car Mode? Designers Joey Cofone and Michael Vanderbyl have come up with a concept called Car Mode, which is basically a phone’s state in which it has been designed with road safety in mind. Car Mode will activate when your iPhone pairs with the car’s Bluetooth system and will offer hands-free calls and turn-by-turn navigation.

The kicker here is that all notifications will be disabled, meaning that sounds and alerts that you should be receiving when a call or message arrives on your phone will be turned off, thus keeping you more focused on the road rather than on your phone. Text messages sent to your phone will automatically be replied stating that you are driving and are currently in Car Mode, letting the other person know that you are unable to receive their call or reply their messages. Once the car stops and the ignition is turned off, your phone will then display all the notifications that you have received whilst driving.

As it stands a feature similar to this currently exists in Windows Phone devices and the Moto X, so we guess the ball’s in Apple’s court, along with other Android OEMs, to implement this feature. What do you guys think?

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