coin_productIt wasn’t too long ago that we reported on Coin, a credit card device that would allow you to store multiple cards in a single card, saving you the hassle of taking so many card with you at once. Naturally there were some concerns about security, but the good news is that due to the hype and attention that Coin is getting, the people behind it have announced several new security features which hopefully should put some minds at ease, in addition to the ones already mentioned earlier.

This includes the ability to alert you when the card is swiped too many times, which might suggest that the thief who stole it is on some kind of shopping spree and are looking to spend as much as they can before your cards get cancelled. The card can also be locked to a single card when handing it over to your server at a restaurant to prevent them from swiping your other cards as well. They have also announced that pin support will come in the future, so you can rest assured. Coin has also announced that they will be discounting the price of the card and will see it discounted from $100 to $50 for the next couple of weeks, so for more info, be sure to hit up Coin’s website for the details.

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