Android owners will probably be very familiar with Facebook’s Android app as there’s an insane amount of people using the social media network on a daily basis. Checking what your friends are up to, updating your friends what you’re doing and sharing stories, photos or videos of interest are among some of the top reasons to use Facebook, but an update to its Android application now helps you catch what’s playing on TV.

The Facebook for Android app was updated to include the ability to remind users of upcoming TV shows in the U.S. The feature is only available to participating TV show Facebook pages as the company looks to not only remind you your favorite show is on, but also possibly get you to discuss what’s going on in real-time. Considering how many people on my Facebook feed tend to blab about The Walking Dead as it airs, we’re sure Facebook doesn’t need much help in getting its users to use the service while their favorite show is airing.

Android device owners can head on over to Google Play to download t he update for Facebook, especially if you’re already a fan of sharing your thoughts on shows that are currently airing. Just remember to start your thoughts off with a spoiler warning, or I might do something terrible to you one day.

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