Facebook users will most likely be able to recognize the social network’s “Like” button, which has been implemented in a number of websites, ours included, as a way for you to show your support for a story, website or a service. The “Like” button was first introduced back in 2010, and has since not seen much change, but that all changes today as Facebook is debuting a new version of its Like button.

As you can see in the image above, the new Facebook Like button has an overall blue design which catches the eye better than the previous version of the button. The Facebook logo sits on the left side of the button, while the right side features the word “Like” in Helvetica type, which also pops out more than the previous font used for the older Like button. One of the major changes has been the removal of the “thumbs up” symbol on the old Like button, which now has Facebook’s “F” logo in its place.

Those who are afraid of change may not be too pleased with Facebook’s Like button changes, but seeing how there hasn’t been any changes to the button since 2010, we’re sure you can get used to the slight changes the company has made to it.

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