Most people I know would love to earn an insane amount of money while doing what they love, and at the same time, spend like there is no tomorrow since money is extremely easy to come by. Well, that would include living it up in the best homes, swankiest neighborhoods, and driving the newest supercars that have just been revealed. Perhaps the majority of us are unable to earn such a keep throughout our entire lifetime, so the closest we can come to driving a supercar without begging our rich friend to lend us their ride would be to play a video game. We’re glad to know that Forza 5 has just introduced a new behind the scenes video that discusses the power and the glory of the McLaren P1, which will succeed its predecessor, a legend in its own right.

The McLaren P1 was also the star of a really interesting old-school animated trailer, where Microsoft marketing strapped a camera to the hood of one. Bear in mind that Forza Motorsport 5 happens to be an Xbox One launch title (and the console itself is due for a release not too far away from now), where the title will boast of 200 cars. Enjoy the video above that clocks in at slightly more than four minutes, and you will be wiping away drool from the edges of your lips afterwards.

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