diablo-3-logoWhen Diablo 3 was announced for consoles, many weren’t too surprised especially after seeing the user interface where the action bar for the player’s character had been mapped out to a controller’s buttons. In a way this made a lot of sense and it felt right, leading PC gamers to wonder if they were ever going to see gamepad support for Diablo 3 on the PC in the future. Unfortunately this will not be happening anytime soon, if at all. This was confirmed by Matthew Berger, the senior level designer of the console version who stated that due to the different nature of the game for either platform, it does not make much sense.

“The rhythm on PC is tactactactactactac – you’re clicking the mouse, you’re telling your character where to go,” Berger said. “On console, the rhythm is very different. It flows more, because you’re constantly repositioning your character with the thumbstick; you’re really never stationary on console, whereas on PC you’re a lot more stationary… When you’re playing on the PC, you’re not really looking at your character as much, you’re kind of focusing on the cursor. Whereas on console it’s the exact opposite, you’re drawn in.” While Berger’s statements do make sense, shouldn’t the player decide if they would rather use a gamepad or the keyboard/mouse combo? What do you guys think?

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