autorespondFor those of you who manage incredibly popular Facebook pages or Twitter accounts, sometimes replying to all messages is just not possible, even though you’d love to be able to do that. Copying and pasting a canned response is not ideal either as it just shows that you don’t really care, plus no one likes having canned responses read back to them anyway. Well according to a recent patent by Google, it looks as though the company is trying to take the social out of social networking, but automatically responding to messages with a “personalized reaction”.

Basically how it works is that the system will take into account your past posts and your past replies to such posts, and based on that it will learn the type of response that you might offer in a particular situation or comment. For example if you are often tagged in funny photos or posts, and your typical response would be “Hahaha” or “LOL!”, then the system would then respond to future posts with a similar reply which would sound as though it came from you! It is a good idea but it does seem a bit counterproductive at the same time. After all the point of social media is interaction, and if a system/robot does it for you, there really is not much point left, right? What do you guys think?

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