Originally announced back in 2010, Blizzard All-Stars has long been in the works, but knowing Blizzard’s history and reputation when it comes to making games, we guess this isn’t a complete surprise. The game has since had its name changed to Heroes of the Storm and for those who have been looking forward to it for the past three years, it looks like the wait is over! Blizzard has revealed the cinematic intro for the game, along with the release of the gameplay trailer, showing off how the game might be like as well as introducing a few characters that loyal Blizzard gamers might recognize.

The game is inspired by DotA, which coincidentally enough used to be a mod for Blizzard’s other RTS game, Warcraft 3. However unlike DotA or other games similar to it, Heroes of the Storm will not rely on a single map in which players can duke it out. In fact as it stands, there are a few different maps (or Battlegrounds as Blizzard calls it) that players will be able to fight on. There will be a variety of heroes that players can choose from which Blizzard has divided into Assassins, Warriors, Support, and Specialist, with more information available via its official website. In any case if you have a few minutes to spare and want a way to wind down your Friday, check out the cinematic intro in the video above, and the gameplay trailer below. So, who else is excited for the game? I know I am!

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