Here in the U.S., we’re a day away from Thanksgiving, which is a day spent on feasting with our family and friends and looking back at our year and counting all of our blessings. It’s also the perfect time for a gamer to catch up with the latest releases as well as their backlog, with some games even holding special events for the holiday. Infinity Blade 3 is one such game, and their Thanksgiving-themed gear is pretty strange.

This week, Infinity Blade 3 players will be able to receive the Thanksgiving-themed Turkey Helms for both of the game’s playable characters, Isa and Siris. Siris’ Turkey Helm features a turkey head that is wearing a top hat and a monocle, while Isa’s helm also has a turkey head, but hers is wearing a lovely, little bow.

In addition to possibly giving players nightmares, the Turkey Helms grant players more experience and skill points when they’re worn. Just don’t go thinking you’ll be winning any beauty contests any time soon wearing the Turkey Helm.

Unfortunately, ChAIR Entertainment didn’t drop the price of Infinity Blade 3 for Thanksgiving, but they did make the original Infinity Blade available for free. If you have yet to play any of the games in the series, there’s not better time than now considering the game is completely free.

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