lego-ringDon’t you just love weddings? The songs, the people, food, and of course, the beautiful bride and groom who are really the stars for the day. It is two become one from that auspicious day forth, as both of them share the same family name, not to mention bank account (although some couples do take a different approach). Most weddings would also see the ceremony which features an exchange of rings to signify their unending and unbroken love for one another, and with the $150 Interlocking Ring Set, it would be the ideal rings for Lego lovers.

Why do I say so? Well, the Interlocking Ring Set is obviously inspired by Lego, and it would make for quite the gift for those who want something special this coming holidays. Specially created by Etsy user Shannon Conrad, these are hand-crafted rings which have been made from 100% recycled and locally sourced sterling silver. These are hand cast, and one Lego brick is sacrificed each time a ring is created, since the original brick would be destroyed. Pretty cool stuff, really. I can imagine placing one of those Lego figurines on top of the ring as a topper of sorts that will really deliver quite a comical effect.

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