It is absolutely your worst nightmare when your phone gets stolen. Think of all the private and personal data that our phones contain, from pictures and videos to financial information and even passwords. Even if you don’t have all that on your phone, you are quite likely to have contacts, which are obviously important too. Losing contacts might be an even bigger nightmare for some, those who don’t have them backed up in the cloud or on their computer at home. Thieves usually don’t show any mercy when it comes to your data, but an iPhone thief in China was considerate enough to pen down the victim’s over 1,000 strong contact list and send it over.

Chinese state media reports that the victim, Zou Bin, was deprived of his phone when he shared a taxi in Hunan. Zou said he was bothered more about the contacts on his phone when it was stolen, so he simply texted his own number saying that “I know you are the man who sat beside me. I can assure you that I will find you,” urging the thief to check his contact list so that “you will know what trade I am in.” He concluded the text with an advice for the thief, send the phone back “if you are sensible.” Zou then received a parcel containing his SIM card and a handwritten list of contacts, still no iPhone though, the thief appears to be taking his chances.

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