Just how creative can an advertisement get? After all, consumers do have plenty of choices to pick from, and a whole lot of purchase choices depends on the kind of advertising campaign done beforehand to persuade consumers to make a decision. Lexus, the luxury marque of Toyota, has released a new ad that depicts a swarm of automated robot helicopters. Having teamed up with the engineers at KMel Robotics in order to deliver this amazing ad to the masses, parking it under the automaker’s slogan of “Amazing in Motion.”


In the video, it sports KMel Robotics’ automated four-rotor flying robots that are known as quadrotors. There are different segments of the video, where some of them were shot in a museum, in addition to bouncing up a staircase which is rather strange when you consider how they can simply fly as it is. Not only that, halfway through the video, the quadrotors will engage in an impromptu dance number.

At times, the robots will also be rather sneaky in their behavior, as they will be able to conceal themselves from passersby on the street. The quadrotors seem to be extremely benign in nature though, being extremely cute as they fly around with an accompanying playful score.

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