Are you looking forward to yet another Mario outing with Super Mario 3D World? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you will definitely be pleased to hear that this title will offer a Luigi-themed version of the first Mario game, not to mention throw in a fifth playable character who is called Rosalina. Just how did we know all of this? The answer is simple – all you need to do is to watch the latest trailer that was recently presented during a Nintendo Direct presentation.

This will be a Wii U platformer, where within it will be a game that is called Luigi Bros., which so happens to be a skinned version of the original Mario Bros. arcade game that starred Luigi instead of his shorter and more rotund (and famous) brother. This content is made available on the spot to Super Mario 3D World users who happen to have New Super Luigi U save data on their Wii U. Apart from Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad, Rosalina is there as well as a bonus playable character who debuted in 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy. You will need to unlock her, however, and it remains to be seen just how that is able to happen. We do hope that gamers will be able to shed more light on the situation in due time.

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