luminetteFor those of you who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, the advent of winter would signal only one thing – snow for some, and generally a drop in temperature as well as less amount of daylight. Assuming you happen to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), this is not one of your favorite seasons, but it is a good thing that technology has advanced to an extent where a new device known as the Luminette is touted to be able to help make things a whole lot better to help you cope.

Normally, a traditional SAD treatment would be to have one seated by a lightbox for up to 30 minutes a day, but with the Luminette, you will be able to wear it in a similar way as that of a pair of glasses, and it has been specially designed in a manner to be used as a portable device. Of course, some might say that it looks absolutely dorky, while others do not mind giving it a go. The Luminette will be battery operated, and it is glare-free as well as lightweight, so you will not feel as though it is a burden around your head. I suppose if you have already tried all the other remedies in the market without actually having stumbled upon a solution that works, it might be worth checking out the £238 Luminette.

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