Prior to Google Maps, MapQuest was the king of direction giving, although we’re sure if you used the service, you ended up with directions that were actually less accurate than Apple Maps. Either way, people trusted MapQuest back in the day and the service is now attempting to win back its old users by completely redesigning its mobile apps on iOS and Android.

The new MapQuest app, which is launching today, offers a seamless, customizable and driver-friendly navigation experience for those who are hoping to get to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. The redesigned MapQuest now features high-resolution vector maps, enhanced zoom features and a new interactive map that allows users to customize category buttons, allowing you to find nearby businesses and popular locations easy.

The new MapQuest application also includes a status bar that gives the user an ETA of how long it’ll take to reach their destination, its distance and even be able to anticipate in-route traffic. Advanced navigation features are also included in today’s update that offers voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic re-routing, for those times where you absolutely can’t sit in traffic for another minute. We just hope MapQuest has learned its lesson and is actually able to give accurate directions.

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