Chances are if you follow the tech world, you’re probably aware Sony just released the PlayStation 4 today in the U.S. and Canada. The release of the PlayStation 4 means the line has been drawn in the sand for the next-generation console wars, with fanboys for both companies expected to go to war over the holiday season and beyond. With how ferocious Sony and Microsoft fanboys tend to be, it’s downright heart-warming to see Microsoft congratulate the competition on the launch of the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft’s official Xbox Twitter profile sent out the following image at 9:00 a.m. this morning, along with “Congrats @PlayStation. From, #Xbox” as a message. This small gesture reminds us that even though the next generation of video game consoles has officially launched, if companies manufacturing these consoles can play nice on days when it matters the most, then why can’t fanboys put down their bias for one day and applaud the launch of a “competing” video game console?

I don’t know the first thing there is about building a video game console as I admittedly have become a bit rusty in my ability to build PCs. But I’m sure the process is very, very difficult. So regardless if you’re a Sony or Microsoft fanboy, today is a day we should be applauding Sony for their efforts, not trolling and flaming people who purchased the PlayStation 4.

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