Tomorrow is yet another big day for gamers as following up on last week’s launch of the PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One is just a few hours from being released at hundreds of midnight events going on in different parts of the world. If you’re planning on attending a midnight launch, or plan on staying home waiting for your UPS delivery person to drop off your console, work is the last thing on your mind tomorrow. That’s why Microsoft has gone ahead and supplied those who are planning to stay home tomorrow with a doctor’s note to help get you out of going to work.

The doctor’s note can be saved as a PDF or sent directly as an email from Entertainment Therapy and Specialist “M.Nelson, M.D., X.B.1,” which if you didn’t know, just so happens to be Xbox Live’s Major Nelson. The doctor’s note, which can be read in full at this link, prescribes a heavy dose of Xbox One, as you apparently have been found to be have the Zombie Flu. The “treatment” may take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to work and M.Nelson insists that you take your full prescription in order to have a chance of recovery.

Hopefully my boss doesn’t see this story so I could get out of work tomorrow to play the Xbox One all day. I’m certainly feeling that Zombie Flu that’s currently going around.

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