Ever since Microsoft announced their current CEO, Steve Ballmer, would be exiting the company within the next year, the hunt for his replacement has been going on behind the scenes. With last week’s report of Microsoft CEO candidate Stephen Elop considering to sell the company’s Xbox business and kill off Bing, we’re sure many of you were hoping he wouldn’t take the CEO position. According to a new report, it looks as though Microsoft has already picked their next CEO.

Chinese blog site WPDang, who is citing an unnamed source familiar with Microsoft’s plans, says Microsoft’s current Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner is expected to be brought up to the big leagues to fill in Ballmer’s CEO position. Turner will then reportedly be replaced with Stephen Elop in two to three years, which we already know what his “big plans” for Microsoft are.

We’re not sure why exactly Microsoft would bring Turner on as their new CEO, only to replace him with Elop in a few years. With that said, today’s report certainly raises a few questions, which we hope Microsoft will have answers for us once they make their official announcement, whenever that may be. Let’s just hope the future will be Elop free, that is, unless you hate both the Xbox and Bing.

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