We often get to see interesting things and ideas in patents, and the latest one granted to Motorola really does detail a rather intriguing idea. Titled “Coupling An Electronic Skin Tattoo To A Mobile Communication Device,” the patent was recently granted to Motorola by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The idea is to adorn the user’s neck with an electronic tattoo that has a transceiver, microphone and a power supply. This tattoo can them be used to beam the wearer’s voice to a smartphone, voice which will be captured by the microphone by trapping sound while its “emanating from a throat.” The tattoo would be able to communicate with the smartphone over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC, and it would potentially eliminate background noise that often causes nuisance in phone calls.

The idea is ambitious to say the least, and maybe even somewhat spooky. The world is just coming to terms with the realization that wearable devices are probably the next frontier, embedded devices such as this electronic tattoo seem just a bit too futuristic, don’t you think? Besides, its a patent after all. We know that everything that’s patented doesn’t get to see the light of day, so it could still take a lot of time before something like this enters the mainstream market.

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