Microsoft has been publishing quite a few commercials for its next-generation console, the Xbox One. We’ve seen a commercial where the Xbox One invites you to play with it, while its Revealed trailer has us taking a closer look at the console’s hardware. Today, a new commercial, called Retirement Home, has been released that features former NFL stars Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher as they attempt to enjoy their retirement.

The commercial shows how easy it is for the Xbox One to be able to snap content on your screen while you’re in the middle of something. In this scenario, Lewis invites Urlacher to a game of Madden NFL 25 while Urlacher is in the middle of watching a game. Urlacher joins the Madden NFL 25 game and snaps in the game he was currently watching using the Xbox One’s ability to snap applications together.

The Retirement Home commercial also adds a little bit of humor as it’s apparent Lewis may not be ready for his early retirement as he can be seen getting all decked out in his NFL gear, just to play a friendly game of Madden NFL 25. Let’s just hope you don’t end up playing someone in Madden NFL 25 like Lewis as we’re sure they might take the experience a little too serious.

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