odonThere is something miraculous about a woman giving birth to a child, but on the other hand, childbirth too, does come with its fair share of risks. Some babies are a whole lot more challenging to deliver than others. It is nice to know that technology has got our backs, as in select modern hospitals, the childbirth process is made a whole lot easier and safer even when the baby’s head is experiencing some issues in coming out. Tools are at hand to assist in the delivery, while there is always the good old standby option, which would be a C-section. However, not all countries are developed, and it is in those places where any kind of help in delivery is always more than welcome. Jorge Odón, an Argentine car mechanic by profession, was inspired by a video that depicted how one is able to remove a cork which was pushed into a bottle earlier on, to apply a similar removal technique to newborns’ heads.

His creation is known as the Odon Device, where it will be inserted so that the bag will grab onto the baby’s head. Once that happens, it will inflate so that suction is created, and when one pulls on the handles as the mother pushes, the baby’s head will be propelled forward without the need for any rigid tools which could prove harmful and detrimental to the child. Talk about translational medicine at its quirky best!

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