samsung-apple211The original beef Apple and Samsung had with each other was over the design of the Samsung Galaxy S, the first of Samsung’s Galaxy S series of Android devices in which Apple accused Samsung of stealing the iPhone’s design. While that might be arguable, it seems that Apple’s Phil Schiller believes that the copying was so severe that he believes it actually made customers question Apple’s practices as a whole. Speaking during the Apple versus Samsung damages retrial, when asked by an Apple attorney as to what he thought upon first seeing the Samsung Galaxy S, Schiller was quoted as saying, “I was quite shocked. They went and copied the iPhone.”

Schiller goes on to state that by copying Apple’s work, it has “weakened” the way everyone in the world views Apple as a company, and has gotten people to question the company’s innovativeness and design skills “in a way that people never used to”. Those are some pretty fanciful words but we expect nothing less coming from Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. What do you guys think? Do you agree with Schiller that Samsung’s products have made Apple fans question the company’s innovativeness and design? Or do you think that he’s kind of blowing things out of proportion?

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