Sony already introduced us to the PlayStation 4’s sweet, sweet innards in their official teardown just last week. There was nothing left to the imagination, although Sony just showed us what the PlayStation 4 was made of without giving us any sort of analysis of the hardware. Thankfully, iFixit was able to not only get their hands on a PlayStation 4, but also completely teardown the next-generation console to give us a report of what we can expect.

First off, Sony has made it relatively easy for users to replace their PlayStation 4 hard drive if they wish to do so. All that stands in the way between you and the hard drive is a plastic cover and some screws, which I’m sure most gamers can manage. Unfortunately, Sony also didn’t support external hard drivers for the PlayStation 4, which means you won’t be able to pop in your drive through its USB ports at any moment to watch some videos or view photos.

The iFixit team are also big fans of the PlayStation 4’s fan as it was designed to run smarter and quieter than the PlayStation 3’s fan. Sony engineered the fan to spool up and down gradually when needed, which should keep its volume relatively low.

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