ps4-login-issuesSo, Sony’s PS4 has done pretty well for itself where sales figures are concerned, having moved more than a million units since launch easily. It would definitely be a tough act to follow for the Xbox One, don’t you think so? Still, we cannot wait for this coming Friday as that is when Microsoft’s next generation console will roll out, so it would be an interesting coming weekend as statisticians sit tight and wait for a new set of figures. Having said that, the PS4 did not come with a relatively smooth launch. Some folks have reported bricking issues, with Sony having made the move to investigate into the bricking problem, while others have reported the haunting “Blue light of Death” issue. Well, it seems that this is not all, since Sony’s Entertainment Network also has problems of its own to handle.

Apparently, PS4 owners who downloaded the 1.5 patch successfully realized that they were unable to login to their PlayStation account, while those who were already logged in stumbled across a slew of assorted errors to boot. It must be noted that the “Service Status” icon and the entire status page appears in red, which is more or less a logical and universal symbol that informs that the service is not up and running.

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