Retina iPad Mini In Store Tracker Tool Is LiveWe know the feeling of going to the Apple store, asking for a product, only to find out it’s out of stock, and have this experience repeated in the next 2-3 stores you visit. This is why when the website was live, it made things a lot more convenient. Apple did not appreciate this and has since ordered the website to be shutdown. Well it looks like Apple could be issuing a new shutdown notice in the near future as a new tool has made its way online, this time to help Retina iPad mini customers find out which store has the tablet in stock.

Oddly enough this tool is being hosted on, which we guess is a way to help hide it by keeping its name discreet and obscure, and definitely not as obvious as The website will offer users a grid in which it lists the availability of Retina iPad minis for every Apple retail store in the US. This tool also appears to be crowd sourced, meaning that if an area runs out of stock or if the information is unavailable, users will be able to edit the individual cells accordingly. As it stands walk-in sales are not allowed until supply has been stabilized, so you’d have to make a personal pickup.

In any case as it stands, carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have announced that they are backorderd on the Retina iPad mini, so hopefully this tool will be able to help out with those looking to get their hands on the tablet.

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