Site Helps Blind People Scan And Locate CansHaving the gift of sight is definitely a sense that we should not take for granted at all. Of course, there are some of us through illness or circumstance, are lacking in the sense of sight, but we are pleased to say that many advancements have been made to assist those who are visually impaired over the years. Jim Ruck is someone who decided to do something about the situation for the blind, by developing Site. Site is not a webpage, but rather, it is an interesting device that has the ability to scan a particular item, rely on voice recognition technology in order to name that particular item, and is even capable of finding that particular item again whenever one wants it.

There are different buttons on Site, where each one is of a different size and texture so that they are easier to identify. All you need to do is hold the device up to a can, and press in the sides. This will kick start the scan, where the user is then able to use Site’s inbuilt voice recognition software in order to name the item. Such data will then be stored away on the device’s USB flash drive. From here on, each time you want to find a food item, just speak out the name, and the device will send a signal to the RFID tag of that can. The Site’s ring feature will then be removed from the device, where it vibrates the closer it is to the can you are looking for. Neat! [Product Page]

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