wii-u-domainWhen it comes to video game consoles, the three biggest players are probably Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo with the PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii brands respectively. While the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One have yet to be released, Nintendo’s Wii U has been called disappointing in terms of sales with some worried for Nintendo’s future, especially with the company’s stubbornness of not releasing their titles for non-Nintendo devices, as well as refusing to create mobile versions of their franchises (who else thinks it would be awesome to play Zelda or Mario on their smartphone or tablet?).

In any case on the surface it would seem that all three companies are in competition with each other, but apparently Sony’s boss, Shuhei Yoshida, does not think so. In fact Yoshida wants Nintendo to survive because he thinks the company is vital to the industry to the point where he claims to actually own two Wii U consoles. According to Yoshida in an interview with IGN, “I think Nintendo and us are pretty much in the same group, and we need Nintendo to be very successful to help induct as many consumers who like to play games with controllers, right?” While it’s good to have competition, it’s also nice to see companies supporting each other.

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