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Its not entirely impossible for one of this year’s hotly anticipated products to ship ahead of schedule. Only recently we saw a few Xbox One consoles being delivered to customers ahead of the launch on November 22nd. While Christmas came early for those customers, Microsoft didn’t let the fun last too long as it temporarily banned those consoles. So what would Sony do if a PS4 was accidently shipped prior to its release date? It won’t ban the console, confirms Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios at Sony.

The PS4 launches November 15th in the U.S. and on November 29th in Europe. Yoshida confirmed through Twitter, in a response to a query, that Sony won’t ban any PS4 console that’s shipped ahead of schedule. So while this clarification has already been made, all anxious PS4 customers can now keep their fingers crossed and hope that their retailer slips up. Even if the console arrives early for someone, they’ll still have to install the 300MB “day one” software update to enable majority of the console’s features. If you’re waiting on a PS4 to prematurely ship so that at least an unboxing video can find its way online, don’t look any further, Sony has posted the mother of all PS4 unboxing videos already.

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