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It should be no surprise the video game console fanboys have been even more active over the past several months leading up to the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with Wii U owners somewhere in the corner of the room wondering why nobody is paying any attention to them. As such, tomorrow’s release of Sony’s PlayStation 4 will mark the official start to the next-generation console wars, which is exactly why South Park dedicated an entire episode to trolling fanboys.

Last night’s episode of South Park had the boys split between choosing either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 as their next-generation console of choice to attempt to obtain during Black Friday. At one point in the show, Stan and Kyle argue over the benefits of each console, with Stan focusing on the Xbox One’s “seamless transition between games, movies and TV,” while Kyle uses the PlayStation 4’s touchpad interface to help convince the rest of the boys over to his side.

South Park is no stranger to talking about video games as the show dedicated several episodes to World of Warcraft, Pokemon and even Minecraft in one of their latest episodes. We’re sure their latest episode will cause just as much controversy among video game console fanboys as we expect forums around the world filling with even more trolls as usual to help convince others their console is far superior than its competitor’s.

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