wounded-warriorIf you have always wanted to play a role in the wounded warrior project, but have never really managed to do so after all these years, fret not. There is hope just, although this time around, it would be fantastic if you were a gamer of sorts since you would be parting with a handsome amount of money for this white, commemorative special edition Xbox One. This particular Xbox One was handed out to Microsoft employees who happened to work on the console, and the proceeds from the auction will be shared with some charity normally, although this time around, the Wounded Warrior Project would be the recipient of such generosity.

Right now, the eBay auction bid stands at a cool $11,300 as at press time. Just for comparison’s sake, the previous auction was held for UK charity GamesAid, where it carried the and winning bid of £5,000. What do you think of such an exercise, and just how much money do you think will be raised eventually in this particular auction? Surely with a five digit figure, not too many people are able to have a say in the final pricing details, are there?

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