We’re sure that are many gamers out there who have multiple consoles, and don’t necessarily believe that there is a single “perfect” console out there. After who wouldn’t mind getting their hands on all the exclusive titles, right? In any case having multiple consoles usually means multiple HDMI ports being taken up, but if you’d rather not waste a HDMI port and would rather not plug in and plug out when needed, the Xbox One could be of interest to you. It seems that through its HDMI input, the Xbox One should in theory be able to run any HDMI-compatible device, like another console, for example.

The folks at Penny Arcade Reportxbox-one-hands-on-review-08 tried to find that out by talking to Jeff Henshaw, the group project manager at Xbox, who was quoted as saying, “[i]f it puts out HDMI, it’ll work just great.” Henshaw also goes on to state that any lag that might be a result of this method will not be perceivable to the human eye. At the moment Henshaw claims that he and his son have managed to hook up an Xbox 360 to their Xbox One and it runs no problem, suggesting that if you wanted to hook up the Sony PlayStation 4, technically you should be able to do so as well.

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