tizen-mobile-liteWhen it comes to targeting emerging markets, Microsoft’s Windows Phone appears to be doing pretty well for itself, with low-end budget devices like the Nokia Lumia 520 selling like hotcakes over in India. Well it turns out that Samsung wants a bigger piece of that pie and has introduced a version of Tizen known as Tizen Lite. This particular version of Tizen is meant to target lower-end devices that might not feature such great hardware specs, and according to Samsung’s specifications, will play nicely with devices with RAM as low as 256MB.

Other supported hardware specs of Tizen Lite include a display resolution 320×480, which is almost pitiable by today’s Full HD standards, and 1GB of onboard storage, with 512MB of that storage going to the operating system alone. Of course depending on the manufacturer (who might not necessarily be exclusively Samsung), those specs can be improved, but given that Tizen Lite will require such minimal specs, budget devices do appear to be its target market. In any case it is likely that these budget devices will make its way to emerging markets, as opposed to more developed markets where the market is already considered to be saturated, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for nonetheless.

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