toyota-fv2Don’t you just love the fact that there are concepts around which are worth looking into, especially when they could change the world for the better if they were to be made real? Assuming this statement is agreeable to many, then the Toyota FV2 concept vehicle is definitely able to turn heads after being announced at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013. It does raise a few eyebrows (and of course, questions) for those who have actually laid eyes on it the first time, including how one is able to steer it. Apparently, you do so while standing, shifting your body weight accordingly in the direction where you want to go.

This is not the ride to bring when you are about to meet your date and want to drop her off at her place or have her drop by your home after dinner, since it carries only one. Good thing the Toyota FV2 will distribute your weight across all four wheels, which have been specially arranged in a cross layout. One of the wheels will be in front, while two primary wheels remain underneath the “driver”, with one more behind. Expect the slew of touchscreen displays to come in handy when configuring the different modes of the Toyota FV2, and there is also a raised windscreen which purported doubles up as a augmented reality display apart from from acting as a shield against bugs from smashing into your face as you amble along. How many of you would love to see the Toyota FV2 enter production?

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