Twitter, the world’s second largest social network behind Facebook, has launched a new feature today called custom timelines. Users will have the ability to name their custom timelines and add tweets to it, so basically they’ll have a separate timeline that they curate which only displays tweets related to a particular topic or hashtag. These timelines can be embedded on websites and can be easily shared with others as they’ll be public and will have their own page on

The feature will definitely make it easier to follow topics or events in real-time, related tweets will be displayed in an entirely different timeline and users won’t have to comb through their main Twitter timeline to locate them. This goes beyond the existing lists feature by offering more customization and sharing options. Twitter will allow developers to tap into custom timelines through the new API beta it announced today. TweetDeck will be the first app to incorporate this new feature, users can create custom timelines within the app and simply drag and drop tweets from the other columns to populate them. The feature will be rolled out to TweetDeck for web, Chrome and PC over the next few days, while it will be “coming soon” to the Mac app.

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