The last we heard about Rockstar’s GTA 5 was that they were preparing something exciting in an update for a game, but unfortunately apart from that teaser, not much else is known. At least until recently where audio files allegedly found in the GTA Online Beach Bum update has some speculating that some of the upcoming features could include a new casino in Los Santos, dirt racing, and even shark shooting which we’re sure PETA will most probably take offense to. There could also missions where the player will have to pay off their debt to Madrazo, a character from the main story, by performing missions for him.

Like we said earlier, the details of the upcoming GTA 5 update remains unknown, but assuming that these audio files are legit, perhaps these are some of the updates we can expect. Of course there’s no telling if these updates are for GTA 5 or for GTA Online, but either way it does sound like something worth looking forward to. For those curious about the audio files, you can take a listen to them in the video embedded above, but until we hear from Rockstar officially, try not to get your hopes up just yet!

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