Smart accessories have certainly been on the rise over the past year as products like Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy Gear seem to be the topic of many discussions on the subject. One “smart” product we never expected was a “smart wig,” although that is exactly what it looks like Sony is considering according to a patent submitted by the company. 

The patent application filed with the U.S. Office Patent this year contains details for a Smart Wig that would cover the user’s entire scalp or a portion of it that contains a built-in device that is able to connect itself with smartphones or other devices in the area. A number of uses for the Smart Wig are outlined in the patent, one of which would be to link it to your mobile device in order to receive vibration on your scalp, which is highly sensitive to this kind of movement.

The vibrations could also be used to help navigate a user if a GPS receiver was added to the Smart Wig, which would give small tickles to your scalp to let you know which direction you should be traveling in next. Let’s just hope you don’t end up scratching the GPS module right off of your Smart Wig from all of its tickling while you’re making your way through a major city.

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