kinect 2 cameraSo we know that the Microsoft Xbox One console will be able to boot up using voice commands but exactly how fast will it be able to do so? Well Microsoft’s Major Nelson recently posted a video showing the Xbox One console starting up itself with a voice command that was detected using the Kinect’s microphone, and it seems that it’s a pretty fast ordeal.

According to the video, the console was able to start up in a mere 13 seconds which we have to admit is a pretty cool feature. Presumably this video was made to highlight some of the capabilities of the Kinect, which some have voiced their concerns over, such as privacy issues.

For some reason or other, there are some who might have thought that Microsoft would be spying on them and thus use the audio and video recorded to create targeted ads. Microsoft has since reassured gamers that this will not be happening and that it was never part of Microsoft’s plan in the first place. In any case for those who are still slightly paranoid and would like to keep their privacy, you are still able to start up the console the regular way. To see the console in action, check out the video below.

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