xbox-one-achievementsWho says that being a couch potato is a bad thing? The folks over at Microsoft certainly seem to think otherwise, and might actually have come across an interesting way to reward such couch potatoes. For instance, we now know that the Xbox One is capable of unlocking achievements while you watch TV and movies on the big screen in your living room, and this is made possible thanks to entertainment apps such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Microsoft confirmed, saying, “Xbox One is empowering partners to bring media achievements and exclusive Snap experiences, as well as many other things to entertainment apps, offering everybody the opportunity to achieve badges or rewards for the media they consume in addition to gaming.”

The entertainment Achievements does seem to be different from that of Xbox One’s Challenges, which are time-restricted tasks that do not add to any Gamerscore, although it remains to be seen whether entertainment Achievements will carry Gamerscore. Earlier in June this year, Microsoft did reveal that Gamerscore would be limited to just games. Well, are you going to get an Xbox One when it hits the market later this month? There are less than two weeks away for you to prepare, and it seems to shape up to a fine gaming session this holiday season. [Press Release]

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