3dsystems-xeroxA company known as 3D Systems, which from its name itself can be said to be heavily involved in the world of 3D printing, has just reported itself to have purchased a portion of Xerox. Now, 3D Systems might not be familiar at all, but Xerox – that is a name that surely just about everyone is able to remember, especially when it comes to making multiple copies of the same document.

Before we continue a little bit further, 3D Systems is not exactly a budding company which was formed just last week. Sure, they might not be as famous as the likes of a MakerBot, but it has been around for approximately 30 years, having been founded by the inventor of the rapid prototyping technology which would eventually result in 3D printing. The entire acquisition cost $32.5 million, and it will also involve a segment of Xerox’s solid ink product design, engineering and chemistry team in Oregon. That translates to slightly more than 100 folks from Xerox joining 3D Systems after this acquisition. It is most likely that the team itself, the various laboratories as well as the intellectual property involved will deliver the most heavy hitting impact (a positive one to boot) on 3D Systems’ growing industrial segment. [Press Release]

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