Earlier this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple unveiled iOS 7, its greatest iOS update yet. The company completely changed the user interface of iOS and also bundled in dozens of new features. After a lengthy beta period, in which the firmware was only seeded to registered developers, Apple finally released iOS 7 to the public in September. Since then iOS 7’s dominance over its predecessors has increased by the day. Last figures, as of December 29th, from Apple reveal that 78 percent of all of its iOS devices around the world are now powered by iOS 7.

Its predecessor, iOS 6, now accounts for 18 percent whereas the versions before that collectively make up four percent. iOS 7’s growth has increased significantly over the past few months. Back in October distribution stats showed that iOS 7 was installed on 64 percent of all devices. In early December the number had jumped to 74 percent. Surely the number would have been even higher if iOS 7 supported a number of legacy iOS devices that were very popular back in the day, including iPhone 3GS, the original iPad and all iPod touch models prior to the fifth generation iPod touch. With the recent release of an iOS 7 untethered jailbreak, its likely that those who had willingly held on to iOS 6.x might make the jump now that they can unshackle their devices on the latest firmware version as well.

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