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Tablets kickstarted the “post-PC” revolution and now they are one of the most preferred methods of on the go computing. Its safe to say that the netbook category has been wiped out by tablets, which aimed to bring portable computing at a relatively low price as opposed to traditional notebooks. A wide variety of OEMs manufacture tablets, though Apple’s the only one making tablets that run on iOS. According to Digitimes research, ASUS and Apple are currently the top two tablet vendors in Japan.

As far as operating system is concerned, Android and iOS dominate the market share in the Land of The Rising Sun. Digitimes research reveals that during January-October 2013, over 94.4 percent was accounted for by Android and iOS in Japan. If there ever was a duopoly, it would certainly look like this. Particularly for Apple, Japan is a very lucrative market, its actually the company’s fastest growing market with margins being 15 percent higher than anywhere else in the world. Figures revealed earlier this year showed Apple dominating 37 percent and 50 percent of the smartphone and tablet market in the country, respectively. During the past fiscal year alone Apple’s sales in Japan surged 30 percent. Moreover in October, the iPhones accounted for 76 percent of all smartphone sales in the country.

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