samsung-apple211Being a lawyer for Apple must certainly be a lucrative job because last we heard, the Cupertino company has spent a whopping $60 million in its legal fees against Samsung. However it seems that despite Apple’s enormous wealth, they have apparently decided that they don’t think that the $60 million bill should be footed entirely by them. According to The San Jose Mercury News, they are reporting that Apple has asked the judge to make Samsung pay about a third of their legal bill. Apple claims that $16 million of the legal fees should be paid by Samsung, with an additional $6.2 million to cover other expenses, making the total a little over $22 million.

So why should Samsung pay Apple’s legal fees? Well according to Apple, this is because it was an “obvious course of action” stemming from the jury’s willfulness verdict, along with Samsung’s extensive record of willful, deliberate, and calculated decisions to copy Apple’s iPhone, which is pretty much why both companies have been fighting it out in the courts in the first place. Clearly Apple is not making this an easy trial for Samsung, as even in the face of a potential win, Apple is looking to try to squeeze as much out of Samsung as possible, presumably to make an example of them. What do you guys think? Should Samsung have to pay Apple’s legal bills?

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