apple_store_lucky_bag_2014-800x329If you live in Japan and you’re looking to try your luck at landing a MacBook Air or an iPad for cheap, you might be interested to learn that Apple will be continuing their tradition of Lucky Bags for 2014 which are expected to go on sale come 2nd of January 2014. For those unfamiliar, the tradition of Lucky Bags, or “mystery bags” also known as Fukubukuro, are commonplace in Japan where retailers will usually fill a bag with a mysterious product priced a lot less than it normally would, but it’s usually a lucky draw of sorts and one can never be too sure of what one might “win”.

Apple has typically charged around $345 for their Lucky Bags and it usually contains items like an iPod, headphones, and t-shirts. However for some lucky few, they have managed to walk away with the likes of iPads and even MacBook Airs at massively discounted prices! Of course safe to say, these products are not refundable and can only be returned if the product is defective, meaning that if you did not win what you wanted to win, well tough luck! In any case this Lucky Bag shopping feature will only be available in Apple Japan, so for the rest of us living outside of Japan, it looks like we’ll have to try our luck somewhere else!

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