striimlightNow here is a bulb that will definitely offer you a whole lot more convenience than any other normal bulb that you can pick up from the store. I am referring to the StriimLight B-10 LED light bulb, where it will boast of a built-in Bluetooth speaker so that you can play digital music throughout your home without having to perform any major renovations or upgrades. The AwoX StriimLight will be an affordable solution so that you can enjoy wireless audio capability, and do expect it to be on display at the upcoming CES 2014 event that is happening early next month.

Using the AwoX StriimLight B-10 is a snap, all you need to do is to screw it into current lamp sockets, and you’re good to go after establishing a Bluetooth connection to various compatible devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. When paired, streaming audio to the StriimLight is a snap, and there is also the included IR remote control that allows you to turn the light on and off, not to mention control the volume level of your music. Expect to pick up the AwoX StriimLight sometime next year for $99 a pop. Hey, if you are going to live in a smart home, you might as well have a smart bulb to go along with it, right? [Press Release]

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