BBM For BlackBerry 10 Beta Features Real Time Location Sharing And Voice Notes

If BlackBerry has anything going for it right now, its certainly BBM. The once iconic BlackBerry exclusive messaging service was opened up to iOS and Android earlier this year and it gained a lot of popularity. 20 million people signed up in the first week alone, whereas BlackBerry Messenger was able to pull in 40 million new users overall across both platforms. The company is committed to BBM and continues to improve it, the latest BBM for BlackBerry 10 has been rolled out in a limited public beta and it comes with two major new features.

The first major feature that BBM for BlackBerry 10 brings is real time voice notes. Sending voices notes is now extremely easy through BBM beta on BB10, users simply need to press a button, speak up and release the button to send. The voice notes move fast, its almost akin to having push-to-talk enabled on the smartphone. Glympse is the second major feature included in this beta BBM build. It lets a BBM contact access your location in real time for a specified duration after which the location becomes private again. It is not known when this BBM build will be out of beta and will be released publicly for all BlackBerry 10 users. It is certainly going to take a lot of time before this feature is brought over to iOS and Android. [Image via Berryreview]

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