We reported earlier this year that Beats Electronics was working on a new music streaming service. The company intended to launch the service within this year, but that hasn’t happened. Today Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers announced that the service is finally going to be launched in January 2014, a full year after it was first announced back in January 2013.┬áBeats Music is actually a standalone company with its own CEO that falls under the umbrella of Beats Electronics, it has been working with an investment of $60 million to bring the service to the highly competitive music streaming market.

Rogers confirms that the service, initially known as Project Daisy, currently exists as an internal, private beta with access being provided to people “who know and love music.” He also says that access is being provided to artists and other influencers so that they are familiarized with the service, and that they can provide feedback about the service. Changes will be made based on the feedback received. Beats Music will initially be launched in the US next month, today has gone live. Its a website that lets people reserve usernames so that they don’t get disappointed when the service ultimately launches and the username of their choice has already been taken. If you’re interested in the service, go ahead and reserve your preferred moniker, don’t expect “Dr.Dre” to be available as a username.

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